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But Why?

I enjoy writing and I which to hone my skills as well as sketch out some of my thoughts and perspectives. I want to wright on a regular basis, one post per week. So there are three objectives:

  1. Hone my writing skills.
  2. I enjoy writing, and I enjoy being able to wright. I would like to explore and develop this skill, and there is exactly one way of doing that: write! I must also find some readers who are willing and capable of giving me feedback on both my content and my writing style.

  3. Reify my positions and perspectives.
  4. The process of crystallising one's ideas and perspectives into concise prose is an essential component of sophisticated thought. With out it a reliably robust position is not accessible. Here, by robustness I only mean that it doesn't immediately fall apart when put under the pressure of an uncharitable interlocutor. In addition, more then simply hardening an existing position, by precisely laying out its motivating structures, previously unnoticed fissures of enquiry and unexplored domains of applicability can be uncovered. Thus writing prose is an indispensable practice for the cultivation of independent, sophisticated thinking.

  5. Develop tech skills
  6. I want to develop my sysadmin/tech skills. To that end I must be using the tools I wish to master on a regular basis.

This constitutes my first blog post. My nginx/letsencrypt configurations are screwed up at the moment. Hopefully that will change and a more fleshed out blog will start to emerge. The important thing about a blog, however is its content, not its nginx config.

Written Monday the 15th of March 2021.


I am writing a some notes on Fluid Dynamics. Its a working draft.

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